Our Ethos

We believe in the power of one's heritage. Skills honed through the ages, passed on from mother to child, father to son, make a people who they are. 

Our vision is to use this heritage - in our case, craft heritage - as a means to social development. 

By connecting artisanal skills to a greater international market, and renumerating them adequately, we hope to make measurable social impact within a few years. 

This, of course, is a rewarding two way exchange. The artisans not only create better, freer lives for their families, but do it with pride and dignity. In bringing these exquisite products to you, we found a natural wisdom in the way people have learnt to create through the ages. At one with nature, not exploiting, not harming but instead in symbiotic harmony, in effect showing us a way forward.  

Bringing these traditions to a larger market- as equal partners in trade- we can harness the power for economic stability, empowerment and pride to a people. In some countries, such as India, the craft sector is the second largest employer after agriculture, illustrating the potential for social impact.

Living things are at the heart of our work. You can be assured that our products are ethically and sustainably produced. We work with groups who are certified for their quality, ethics and environmental conscience.