Our production

All Neelo products celebrate artisanal skills and techniques passed down through generations. Our raison d'être is to create sustainable livelihoods through heritage skills.

In Nepal, we have scarves woven in the traditional method. We found there to be a natural harmony in the way locals had always practised their craft. In working with Yak wool or Khullu, for example, the animals are multi-purpose companions to the Himalayan people. Yak hooves go a step further to support the environment by regenerating the local terrain.

The wool is simply collected as it is shed by a young yak and gently spun and woven into lush warmth. Left un-dyed and untouched by harsh processes, its natural durability and softness retained. No animals are harmed nor are there any chemicals leached into the waterways. We work with two groups; one, ertified by the World Fair Trade Organisation, another that’s certified by the stringent Chyangra Mark for its cashmere purity, ethics and environmental standards.

About the Chyangra Mark.

Chyangra Pashmina is the highest grade, finest cashmere in the world featuring the rare fibres of the Chyangra Mountain goat of the Nepalese Himalayas.

Inspired by the spiritual culture and traditions inherent in Nepal, Chyangra Pashmina is created with environmentally friendly and ethical, handmade production processes.

Controlled by stringent quality standards, it also screens for child labor. With more than 25,000 people – a majority of them women, directly employed in the Chyangra industry, your purchase means their dignified source of income and a celebration of an age-old craft.