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Charcoal Khullu shawl

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  • 100% hand spun, hand woven.
  • Highly sustainable.
  • Certified fair-tradeby the World Fair Trade Organization
  • Color
    Handwoven in the Himalayas, this large yak wool shawl is a premium product which nods to local heritage. Untouched by harsh processes, it is superbly soft, warm and long-lasting.
    Produced with no chemicals and no harm done to the animals, you can be sure it'll feel good on your skin! Wear this over your coat over the shoulders or snaked around your neck on those arctic days. 

    About the material

    As soft and fine as cashmere and just as rare, khullu is the inner coat of wool, often what a young yak that sheds in its first spring. Locals have always collected this fine yet robust wool to spin and weave into garments that withstand the Himalayan temperatures.

    Rather than being farmed, the yak is a part of the family, providing milk and transportation over the rugged mountain terrain. Their hooves are known to help soil regeneration in the region, making it quite the environmental champion. This softest of fibres does not withstand dyeing and comes in three natural colors.

    Caring for your shawl

    Dryclean the first time, after which your shawl can be hand washed with a wool detergent and laid flat to dry. Can be cool ironed and combed with a cashmere comb. Store with cedar balls to prevent moths.


    80cm x 70cm

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    • “The shawls are excellent companions”

      Sarah - Artist, Berlin